FRONTLINE BIBLE CHURCH of Byron Center has been honored to take the lead, in conjunciton with GRACE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY, in bringing the 2018 NO REGRETS Simulcast Men's Conference to the Grand Rapids area, but we are definitely not the only dog in the fight. While our ministry to men has been passionate in bringing every man at Frontline into a active, growing, vibrant relationship – followership with Jesus Christ, there are many other men's minsitries in the area. If you need help connecting, or just have a question for us, let us know, or contact one of these ministries below. Blessings –

The NO REGRETS STUDY SERIES empowers men to change their lives, their families, their community and the world. The NRSS is a 2-year, 8-book disciple-making program ( used at Frontline Bible Church for over 5 years ) designed to model, teach and encourage practical application of biblical principles that build a solid foundation for living for Christ. This curriculum is a unique discipleship training program that draws on the expertise of many of the leaders in men's ministry through our study guides and supplemental books. It's an awesome small group study. Our men, "college boys" on up, have grown tremendously through this series. Want to know why / how we use it? Just ask! – Pastor John Lowder, Brian Johnson, Lynn Thomas, Randy Campbell, and John Records

Also check out ALL of the NoRegrets Break Out sessions that came out of Elmbrook during the conference.