KEVIN DEVRIES. After climbing five of the seven continental summits, skiing to the North Pole, and searching for Noah’s Ark as a Lead Mountaineer in the award-winning documentary FINDING NOAH, Kevin endured divorce, bankruptcy, and loss of home to reach the naked soul of man. Kevin’s story of riches, to rags, to redemption is heart-breaking and life-transforming. Only through understanding God’s grace, “God’s best and brightest idea,” did Kevin find true healing. Today, as an Inspirational Speaker, Kevin ministers to thousands of men, women and students each year at national faith conferences, church services, school chapels, corporate and community events in West Michigan and across the world.

CLIMB YOUR MOUNTAIN: We’re all exiles in a foreign country who must climb our own Mt. Ararat – “The Painful Mountain” as prophets, priests and kings to discover our true names and powerful purpose. Elevation is revelation. Summit is halftime. True summit is Base Camp. Success is halftime. Significance is final. We’re climbers not criminals. Descents are redemptive not punitive – nothing heals in thin air. Up is down. Inspired by Kevin’s historic attempt to complete The Explorers Challenge, this session reveals mountains exist to be climbed not cursed. We do not conquer the mountain, only ourselves. Love is the mountain that conquers us as we climb towards God.

TRUE NORTH: We seek an unknown point until we know the point: Life Is A Journey Not A Destination. Time means nothing and the moment means everything where all time zones converge at the North Pole. Often we travel to the ends of the earth to reach the end of ourselves to find a new beginning in God that never ends. Kevin’s North Pole Expedition reveals life is like skiing to the Pole on a giant sheet of shifting ice – the moment you arrive, the destination departs. In the extreme Arctic, self-rescue is impossible. We journey together or we die alone. This session cures destination disease with a healthy respect for our spiritual journey inside community in a surreal story of time outside time.

CALEB GRUND. Caleb is the Director of Youth Ministry at Frontline Bible Church of Byron Center. He has been invested in a men’s discipleship group for the last five years, as well as has lead his own discipleship group of three teen guys for the last four. Caleb is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but moved to Michigan in 2012 to attend Grand Valley State University for business management. Although he enjoys business, Caleb has always had a heart for youth ministry and is going into his ninth year of serving. He became engaged last December, and he and his fiancé, Torrie, are planning to get married in September of 2019. Caleb has not only learned a lot from his current and past relationships, but has spent the better part of the last five years preparing himself to become a biblical husband and father. Through that, he has found that having a “cute” relationship is easy; having a healthy, God-honoring one takes a lot of work!

RELATIONSHIP GOALS: Even as Christian guys, pursing women can be messy. We live in a culture where sex is recreational, pleasure is king, love is diluted, and identity is found in a mate. If these are your struggles, you are not alone. God created us with a longing for intimate connection. Our problem is He designed it to be with Him first; and then others. This is the root of our struggle; a void we try to fill with a girl, porn, lust, objects, drinking, etc., but we always find they never satisfy; only destroy. So what do real Relationship Goals look like? How do you pursue the godly relationship He intended for you? Come find out!

BRIAN W. JOHNSON. Since early adulthood, Brian has been a crash test dummy for intentional, biblical manhood. On the journey with him are the love of his life, Amanda, and their three homeschooled kids. With a degree in engineering and an MBA in supply chain management, Brian works an everyday job in the automotive industry. An innovative thinker and leader, Brian has spent the past decade directing the men’s ministry at Frontline Bible Church. His great calling is to equip men for maximum eternal impact!

THE FORGING OF DANGEROUS MEN: At a gut-honest level, we want to wake up each day and have the enemy say “Oh crap, he’s awake!” For many years, I believed a lie about how God forges such men. Come unearth with us the biblical pattern for how God forms men who are dangerous for good! Be warned – it isn’t an easy path.

THE ULTIMATE SUPERHERO AND THE PATH OF COURAGE: What stops us from living out our faith with great boldness and radical grace? Often the secret to living such a path of courage hides in plain sight. Have some fun as we wipe the mist, muck, and gunk from our eyes by exploring superheroes, superpowers, and the Ultimate Superhero.

A lapsed evolutionist, JEFF “COREY” JOHNSON has been teaching about evolution and Biblical Creationism in small groups, classes, and workshops for over 10 years. A lifelong love of science kept him in higher education for awhile and Corey holds masters and baccalaureate degrees in electrical engineering, and a bachelor of science in physics. Currently working as a controls engineer at a local automotive manufacturing plant building and programming robotic production and test machines, Corey also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Frontline Bible Church. He and his wife have one child plus three cats and enjoy traveling as a family, reading, showing hospitality to others, and eating good pizza.

FROM EVOLUTION TO CREATION: Our society is saturated with conflicts of seemingly every possible scope and direction: political, moral, sexual, economic, racial, religious, and on and on. These conflicts often pull us away from each other and interfere with our communion with God. A perennially contentious realm of conflict is that between the opposing worldviews of evolution and creation, a conflict centered around their differing explanations of our ultimate origins. For those raised within Christian environments, accepting God as Creator is natural or at least familar. For those who grew up outside the church and who actively pursue knowledge of mainstream science, accepting evolution as truth is nearly an inevitably given its prominence in academia. Special creation, in contrast, comes across as an unbelievable fantasy. But I can attest to the possibility of conversion between the worldviews. In this session, we’ll explore the major milestones and evidences in a personal intellectual journey from agnosticism to biblical creation.

NICK KOOGLER. Nick is first and foremost a servant of God, a husband to his beautiful wife, Randi, and a father to his three teenage daughters. Nick has worked with men in both formal and informal settings since he gave his life to Christ. He spends most of his spare time mentoring young men from his community, and hurting men within his church. Nick’s passion for restoring the hearts of men for Christ has moved beyond just a “spare time“ calling. Nick has recently devoted his vocation to this cause and has joined forces with a nationwide ministry called Man in the Mirror to reclaim the lost hearts of men through empowering the local church to engage men in life-on-life discipleship.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY 1 – ExtraOrdinary: Real life stories; real life transformation begins with authentic relationships. Nick will share a little bit of his own story and some stories of real life transformation. There is no perfect place and no perfect time but there is right here and right now.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY 2 – The Space to Grow: “Dr. Johnson said, ‘People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.’ The real job of every moral teacher is to keep on bringing us back, time after time, to the old simple principles which we are all so anxious not to see.” ( from CS Lewis’ MERE CHRISTIANITY ). Session 2 will reintroduce time proven principles that can help us to create authentic community in our everyday lives.

BRUCE KUIPER. Rev. Bruce R. Kuiper was in youth ministry for ten years before becoming a senior pastor for twenty more. Bruce is currently the President of Grace Legacy Builders in downtown Grand Rapids, at The Dale Visser Men’s Ministry Complex. He is also a pastor of a new church start for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids. Grace Legacy Builders equips men as spiritual leaders by evangelizing, exhorting, and encouraging men to follow Jesus Christ as a: Prophet who regularly reads the Bible to his family; Priest who prays with and for his family; and King who provides, protects, and promotes his family. Bruce has traveled to the Netherlands, India, and Nigeria multiple times and is nearing his goal of training leaders so that one million men are challenged to lead regular family worship and bring their kids to church. Bruce is a seminary graduate and has also studied with the prolific author and Puritan scholar, Dr. Joel Beeke. Bruce and his wife, Michelle, are both Hope College graduates and have four adult, grace-filled daughters who are influencing people for Jesus Christ through their local churches and the Young Life ministry.

MATURE MANHOOD IN CHRIST: Following Jesus Christ as our Prophet, Priest, and King, Bruce will bring you on a tour of biblical masculinity from Genesis to Revelation. He will unfold how Christians have not only understood male and female as image bearers, but also how God has called men to live out manhood in the profound yet simple practice of father-led family worship. Bruce gives you a tried and true model to apply in your life right away. He will demonstrate how to lead family worship and explain its manifold benefits to men, women, children, pastors, churches, and communities.

JOHN RECORDS holds a Bachelors of Theology from Grace Bible College, 1973; a Masters in Ministry from Moody Graduate School, 1996; was licensed in 1973 and ordained in 1975 by the Grace Gospel Fellowship. He met his wife, Donna, at Grace Bible College, and they were married on January 1, 1970. John and Donna have three children: two sons and a daughter, and six grandchildren: two living in Germany, three in New Jersey, and one Grandville. John has pastored three churches over his 43 years of ministry: 8.5 years in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; 17 years in Olney, Illinois; and 17 years in Midland, Michigan before he and his wife retired to the Grand Rapids area in 2016 to be near one of their grandchildren. He is the Adult Bible Hour Director for Frontline Bible Church in Byron Center, and has a passion for the seniors and grandparents in the church, with a desire to begin a Grandparenting Ministry.

THE GRAND ROLE OF A GRANDFATHER: What if God asked you Would you like to have a strategic influence on the people I consider the greatest in my Kingdom? Of course you want your life to make a difference. In Matthew 8:1-5 Jesus shows us it’s the little children; they’re the “greatest”. So how do we best influence our grandchildren to trust in Jesus Christ? We’re going to see that the best way to influence our grandchildren for Christ is to recognize the four roles God wants us, as grandfathers, to play in their lives. We’re also going to look at the three fundamental inner needs every child has.

SCOTT ROLFF has been serving in pastoral ministry since 1983, training and equipping thousands of leaders with his focus on leadership and disciplemaking. It’s with this passion he founded Ministry Coaching, Multiplying Disciples Inc. ( MCMD ) in June 2010. As president, he oversees the vision and he lives out the mission – developing healthy leaders and ministries ( Luke 6:39-40 ). Prior to launching MCMD, Scott served on staff with four churches and one para-church ministry, each ministry drastically different from one another. Scott has served in small and midsize congregational churches, as well as mega churches. He has the ability to see ministry from many different perspectives, including a church plant. He has been a close confidant to many top leaders from all walks of life. Scott’s greatest enthusiasm comes, not from what he has done, but what the Lord has done in his life. One of his favorite scriptures is Romans 11:36 “From Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.” Scott received his pastoral and theological training from Grace Bible College and his Masters in Business, specializing in Organization and Leadership Development, from Cornerstone University. Scott and DeeDee have been married since 1986, raised three children, and reside in Bath, Michigan.

PURITY. FREEDOM IS ATTAINABLE! – In this workshop you will discover the journey and pathway to what true freedom looks like.